Top reasons why your small business needs a good website

Well, that's a question most small business owners keep asking themselves, but why do small businesses really need a website? Just considering the following two facts can help answering this question: 1- More than 2 billion people use internet everyday. 2- A website is one of the least expensive and easiest tools that can be used to market a small business.

And now top four reasons why small businesses need a good website: 24/7 Accessibility: No business can actually operate 24/7, but their website can. Sales and marketing: A website can market a business and can actually generate sales. Presenting a professional business image: A good website is a very powerful tool to help you achieve this. Keeping up with the competition: Consider that most of your competitor businesses already have their websites.

Tips on registering your domain name

Registering a domain name is one of the first things new businesses need to do when they're setting up. And that means dealing with a company that dispenses domain names; a domain registrar. 
Before you get started There are lots of companies out there that offer bundled services. For example, you can hire someone to develop your website and sort out all the hosting and domain management for you. While that's convenient, particularly if you're not au fait with how it all hangs together, it can create hassles down the line.With the domain registration, ensure that you have full control of all the account details. I've heard plenty of horror stories from small businesses that have trusted their web developer with everything. But when they try to move to another developer, or the one that started with closes up shop, they lose control of their domain. And while they can eventually get control back, in some cases they may not even know who the registrar is. So, regardless of…

Important tips on registering a domain name

If you have started thinking about a website for your business, you have made a right decision. It is certainly not early, if it is not too late, to start your business online presence. But first, you need to choose and secure a domain name which will be your business online address.

Registering a domain is you first step in your online presence, and here are some important tips on choosing and registering a domain name:
DIY. Yes, your domain address is your personal property and it is very important to do the domain registration by yourself, do not ask anyone else to do this for you. There is no need to panic, it is quite simple and easy to register a domain name, just head to a domain registrar website and you will find out what to do.Remember to renew your domain address, or you can just simply set your domain on auto-renewal on the domain control panel to make sure that it will be renewed in time.Register your business name as a domain. It is very important to register your business…

Questions to business owners: Top Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

Your small business needs a website unless you are a business owner who is not interested in growing your business and your brand. You will need to read this if you don't belong to that group of business owners mentioned above.

Here are top reasons why your small business needs a website: 1- Your customers expect it. This is the first and probably the most important reason why your business needs a website. Nowadays, most potential customers who are looking for a specific product or service expect brands to provide online content about their business, and if your business doesn't have one, these customers may look elsewhere.
2- Your competitors all have website for their business or company, and if you are not staying competitive with your competition, you are giving customers a reason to look somewhere else for their required service or product.
3- It provides social proof. Customer reviews and testimonials in your business website provide a reliable proof for customers about the…

Questions to business owners: Have you ever tried to find your business on internet search results?

Well, back to our series of questions to business owners, here is the second question: Have you ever tried to find your website, and your business, on internet search results? Any success? If your answer is yes, well done, but if your answer is no, it's almost as if your business doesn't exist!

Having a website for your business is only a part of story, not all. The most important part of any business website is visibility. So what to do to improve the visibility of your website and your business? This can be achieved by a combination of different online marketing strategies among which the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the first and probably the most important one. SEO helps your website get more visitors, and your business get more customers, from search engine users by improving it's rank in search engine results. In todays competitive market in which people are using internet to look for goods or services they want, it is critically important to get your website s…

Back to basics: What is SEO and why my website needs it?

Well, talking about online presence and business website, high ranking and visibility in Search Engine results is highly important and valuable. Higher ranks in search engine results can potentially bring you more customers. This is where that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes helpful. But what is SEO and why it is so important?

What is SEO?Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine's unpaid search results, which is usually referred to as "organic search results". SEO is an internet marketing strategy which helps your website attract more visitors by improving its rank in search result page.​Does my website need SEO? Yes. Only having a website is not enough for your business to boost. What helps your website stand out among others and get found within unpaid search results is an effective SEO settings in the website. In general, higher ranked websites within a search engine's search results, the more…

Questions to business owners: Does your business have a website?

Does your business have a website?
If your answer is yes, well done, but if your answer is no, it's almost as if your business doesn't exist!

Here is why:

It’s no secret that the world has embraced all things digital since the birth of the internet. So to get us started, let’s take a look at some of the numbers behind this digital transformation, and how your business can benefit by engaging today's online consumers.

To give you an idea of the explosion of online usage, consider this: In 2000, about 361 million people were online worldwide. In 2014, there were over 3 billion. That’s a growth rate of 764%! Today, nearly half the world is online.

And here, In Australia, the numbers are even more impressive: over 90% of Australians have personal Internet access, over 80% own a smartphone and there are 3.3 internet-connected devices per person.

No matter which device they use, on average, Australians spend over 3,360 minutes per month online—that’s over 56 hours!

So what are they…